Sometimes the Unexpected Happens

Hey all,

Sorry for the long delay between posts! My wife and I just moved into our new house, and between packing up and trying to get settled it has been more than hectic. 

I also left my day job as a Herpetologist at a zoo here in SC to follow my dream and do the snake breeding thing full time! I will tell you, I am really excited to start this new venture and could not have imagined doing it without the full support of my wonderful wife and family, and all of you! Really is a dream come true.

Anyway! On to the important stuff. We recently hatched out a clutch from Golden Eye x Batik het T+ and had some pretty unexpected results. Check out the pictures below. There is a normal, GE, Pixel, and two odds balls, one being a runt. They are all eating well! 

I am not sure what is going on here, however there may be another gene at play. It is too early to tell but we are looking forward to seeing what this project has to offer. Even the normal is a bit different, so we will be raising this entire clutch up. We cannot wait to see these animals grow and change. Stay tuned for more updates of them and other things happening here!