2017-2018 Breeding Season

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the long time in between posts. Busy, busy around here but all good things! We are coming up on egg time, with two clutches on the ground as we speak!

We just wanted to give an update on what has ovulated and what as laid at this point. We bred the following,

Female Sideswipe Borneo x VPI Line Ultra Breit: Eggs in the incubator 

Female TBC Line Red x VPI Line Golden Eye: Small clutch in incubator

Female Matrix het T+ x Batik het T+: Ovulated

Female T+ Albino x GE het T+: Ovulated

Female CBE Stripe x T- Albino: Ovulated

Female Matrix het T+ x T+ Albino Batrix: Ovulated

Female 007 x T+ Albino Ivory: Ovulated

1520351381249 (2).jpg

Ivory x T+ Albino Ivory: Ovulated

That about rounds it up so far this year. We are still getting a few locks but this what we expect to have offspring from later this spring. If any of these pairings are of interest to you, send us an email, nickbottini@coldbloodedearth.com

1520434179004 (2).jpg