2018-19 Breeding Season Goals and Strategy. PTLG

Hey Everyone!

Been a bit since our last post, have been busy getting 2018 animals shipped to their new homes, incubating eggs and setting up babies as they hatch. This is a great time of year.

To get into the meat of this post, this years breeding strategy can be summed up as Playing The Long Game. We had the opportunity to work with a few new genes for us this year including, Pale Gray, Zig Zag, Pollen, and Slackline. A lot of the genes are subtle with some dorsal striping and slight pattern changes, but the super forms of the Zig Zag and Pollen for example, are FAR from that. They are absolutely incredible.

Playing The Long Game with these genes meant working them in to other traits like Matrix and Batik. We will not see the full potential of this years projects for multiple generations but that was the entire point. By doing things this way, we will also be able to offer you newer projects and the ability to take these projects in any direction YOU see fit. We really believe that creating a good base of animals like Ivory, Batik, GE, Albino will be key to working some of these new genes into the mix.

One of the things we have been saying for a long time, is that it is only day one when it comes to working with Blood and Short-Tailed Pythons. There are so many genes to explore and paths to take with them.

So here is a list of what pairings we did this year that we got eggs from. Clutches are starting to hatch every couple of weeks.

Yellow T+ Albino x Yellow T+ Albino

Golden Eye x T+ Albino Golden Eye

Zig Zag het T+ Albino x T+ Albino Ivory

Pollen het T+ x Pollen het T+

Zig Zag het T+ x Batik het T+

T+ Matrix x Flower het T+

T+ Albino x Hypo Slackline

Het Pale Gray x Het Pale Gray

CBE Stripe Het T- x T- Albino

So much of this years projects are completely new for us and we cannot wait to share the results with you. So stay tuned! Any questions feel free to email us. Offspring will be posted on the availability page as soon as they are ready to go.

cbe het t-.jpg
T+ ZZ matrix.jpg
ZZ het T+.jpg